Style, history and beauty for your wedding

Why choosing Canussio Castle to celebrate a wedding?

There are several good reasons, even if the best one is the atmosphere one feels immediately when entering the building: that’s why we invite you for a visit.

While waiting for you, here are 10 reasons why Canussio Castle could be the best choice for your wedding.

1. An ancient Roman castle of great historical significance
2. a combination of tradition and luxury
3. a licensed venue for civil weddings
4. receptions and elegant dinner parties held tastefully in style
5. gardens available for receptions and wedding photographs
6. a honeymoon room for the newly-weds
7. exclusive hire possible
8. a nearby chapel for your religious ceremony
9. a professional and creative team takes care of every detail
10. a completely tailored service

1. An ancient Roman castle of great historical significance

The Canussio family has owned the Castle since the 12th century.
It is possible to see the foundations of a wall about 60-metre long dating back to Cesar’s time (50 BC), and also the foundations of two elegant pentagonal towers by the same age, vast areas of cobblestone-covered floors, and the admirable 5th-century reconstruction of one of the pentagonal towers (about 20-metre high). The chance to walk on a glass floor right above such a great historical treasure is the additional value of this venue, hardly found in other historical mansions for as beautiful and prestigious as they can be.



2. A combination of tradition and luxury

Canussio Castle is one of the largest civil architectural complexes of Late-Antiquity, a historical building and a prestigious setting for your wedding. The Castle combines the traditional character of an ancient building with the facilities of the 21st century. These two values are the leitmotiv of every moment and organisational choice. A traditional celebration that does not lack for the luxury and originality of a unique place.


3. A licensed venue for civil weddings

Thanks to an agreement between the owners and the Municipality of Cividale, Canussio Castle is a licensed venue for civil weddings: therefore both your ceremony and celebration can take place in this historical setting. We can either serve something to drink in the elegant spaces provided for the ceremony or go on with the wedding reception, and you can hire only the ground floor or the entire castle.



4. Receptions and elegant dinner parties are held tastefully in style in the Great Hall (Aula Magna)

“Aula Magna” is the main hall where banquets up to 100 guests can be held with 10 tables to seat 10 guests at each.

This room has a unique style. Elegant furniture, stone walls and exposed ceiling beams intertwine here, and the haute cuisine offered by our partners – starred chefs and caterers of excellence- befits it.

The room is decorated by our highly-experienced staff, taking care of every single detail. They perfectly know the venue and how to make it appear at its best: elegance and tastefulness are the prerogatives of this historical mansion.


5. Gardens available for receptions and wedding photographs

On a sunny day, the wedding guests can enjoy gardens and terrace.

These areas are ideal for a drink outside or for a quick buffet. Along with the other spaces provided by the castle, they allow for several different solutions to your requirements.
By making every corner of the castle lively and welcoming, your guests will enjoy an even warmer and more exciting reception.


6. A honeymoon room for the newly-weds 

If the couple wishes to spend the night at the Castle, a honeymoon room is available on the upper floors. The high-quality furniture, fine materials and design of the room create a unique and magical atmosphere, perfectly in line with the rest of the building.

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7. Exclusive hire possible

The castle can be entirely yours on your wedding day.
Going along with the motto “rent your castle”, you can hire the castle exclusively: just for you. If so, we can also offer you breakfast and advise you on renowned restaurants for dinner, or provide a personal chef to cook for you.


8. Religious ceremony

Are you planning to get married in a church? A nearby chapel can be used for religious wedding ceremonies. The chapel is also ideal to reaffirm your vows and celebrate an anniversary.

For religious ceremonies please get in touch directly with the Parish of Cividale:
Parrocchia di Cividale, vicolo Nicoletti 2, 33043 Cividale del Friuli; telephone:+39-0432.731144;

9. A professional and creative team takes care of every detail

The wedding team of Canussio Castle is available to organise an event according to your needs and desires.
Highly-experienced staff will help you every step of the way–from the ceremony to the cake cutting.
When you meet us, when you see and choose Canussio Castle, we work our best to make your dreams and desires come true. We can make you a detailed offer, crafted on your demands, and support you in every single aspect of your wedding: for instance the choice of menu, floral decorations, wedding seating chart, menus and place cards.
An event planner will be there on your wedding day to supervise the suppliers and ensure that everything runs smoothly. So you will just have to fully enjoy your day!

10. A completely tailored service

The wedding team of Canussio Castle offers a portfolio of selected suppliers whose services are different in style and price range, but always highly-professional and high-quality. That’s why we are sure we can find the best solution to your needs.